Detail: The Great Beam and the Great Tower.

One climbs the Great Tower, for a view into the unknown, the worship of the city, a climb to the heavens. The Great Beam, a relic of unknown origin
Detail: Occulus
The windows are fake. The building is a great empty shell. At the top, a sunken sphere opening up into an occulus. Heaven and hell, in one singular space.
Detail: Paradise / Purgatory
The twins, a metaphorical Castor and Pollux. The inward / outward, the light / dark, the up / down, the protrusion / depression. A weak link, the symbiosis.
Detail: The Great Chimney
Le Corbusier idolation and worship. One climbs a flight of stairs to awe at and worship the Great Chimney of Unité d'Habitation.
Untitled Urbanscape #1, 2014.
The urbanistic dreams of humanity.

From the dawn of civilisation, humans had built an incredible legacy.
The dreams of mankind, manifested as the city.