These anonymous spaces date back to the early 20th century. Empty for a few decades, they are now forgotten spaces stuck in the past. What do these empty walls enclose?

Each and everyone who has ever passed through the door had etched stories into these walls. As occupants come and leave, each room has its own story to tell... What grand stories happened here? Love, longing, hatred, anger, happiness, joy, bliss, calmness...

Each room is a self contained world, a universe in miniature. Each and everyone who had ever stepped into this room leaves behind a bit, a memory, an object, a marking... And thus the collective memories and records of actions and doings of over 80 years are trapped in the enclosing walls.

Occupants gone, echoes dissipated, memories fade. All that remains are the walls within which it all happens. Even so, paint peels, walls crumble.. any attempt by the observer to link any specific marking, any remaining object in the room, to any specific event would be a fruitless effort. Only ruins remain.. ruins of the physical and metaphysical products of those
events of times long past