Harmony / Anti-Harmony

These series of photographs explore the unseen Nature in Man’s world. The neglected relationship between Nature and Man and the mutual fragility of our existence. Although slow, the persistence of Nature overwhelms the deliberation of Man to survive. This dualistic relationship is a fine balance; the intricate relationship encompasses the macro and the micro. Microcosms of worlds exist in between our “seen” worlds. So seemingly apart and yet inseparately close. Each microcosm is in tension, a deliberating and self-destructive relationship between the two parties.

Are we living unawares of each other’s presence? Or are we too absorbed in our own existence to notice each others’ presence? Is equilibrium achievable?

We live in a self-perceived utopia, where Human and Nature seemed to live in harmony. But the harmony is only a perceived reality. What we normally see is the destruction of nature by man. We live in constant tension, a mutual, constant process of destruction, rebirth, regrowth, redestruction… A dystopian utopia.

The resilience of nature to Man’s coldness and neglect; and Man’s resistance and deliberation to Nature’s will. Nature is inseparable from Man.