Still frame

Still frame

Still frame

Memory Space

21-24 June 2018
Video installation, still body live performance

Panopticon II / Dark MOFO 2018
Centre for the Arts, University of Tasmania
Hobart, Australia

Curated by John Vella

We relive years in a second, live in the past; or yearn to escape it.

Time lapse video of view outside the room, projected into the space. Footage is retaken daily and projection shown that evening. The artist sits still in the space facing the video.

Artist statement
A space may hold many memories. In this piece, the outside view of a room is projected as a time lapse video back into the room. This is the reflection of the outside view, an inversion of space by turning indoor space into a projection of the outside space

Damien Hirsts' vitrines work represent an enclosure, a containment of another world. The works contain life, death, presence and absence, all with a certain voyeuristic quality. A thin wall of glass separates viewers from a preserved shark or an entire life cycle of flies. Hsieh Tehching's series of One Year Performances distilled life into a performance, which saw him undertake strenuous performances lasting a year long, with his life during that duration as the performance. There is a certain performative quality to the piece, however my main principle was to think about the stillness of the physicality of a place while the life and environment within and outside of a space changes, whether the artist is present does not matter.

i wanted to capture and contain the memories of a space. The Centre of the Arts is located in an old building which once housed the Henry Jones IXL Jam Factory. There is such an intense historical quality to the space, with many historical artifacts and built remnants left in-situ while the building functions as a contemporary arts school. There is a strong quality of a layering and merging of the past and present.

A full height glass wall separates the viewers from the space, where a time-lapse video of the afternoon to night scenery is projected into the room, constantly looped. In a way, it also represents a struggle or desire to remember or forget our past, where we can live an entire moment of our lives at an instance.

Work from Day 3