Digital print, on Japanese Kozo paper, teak frame
600 x 600mm

What price, utopia?

A tropical island in the sun. A self sustaining community, pristine and untouched by any vestiges of 'Western civilisation'.

The islanders do not have any relations with any outsiders. Any landing on the island would be met with deadly force from the islanders. This is the harshness which the islanders take to protect their paradise. In the course of invasion and colonisation by foreign empires, the local populace may be decimated.

The inhabitants of North Sentinel Island, in an effort to protect their Paradise, sought the utopic measure of the construction of a great wall around their homelands, closing it to outsiders. The island is the only world they ever know.

In this evocation of the Fra Mauro map of 1450 details the plans to build the Great Ocean Wall. A paradise in transition to a Utopia.